Organize for May 1st 2012!

Greetings Comrades!

May Day 2012 marks the 126th year we have officially declared our dignity as working people. The flames of rebellion burn brighter and hotter now than perhaps ever before in our lifetime: workers all over are seeing clearly now that the system we work and live within is engineered to preserve a rigid and steep social hierarchy.

In solidarity we find the power  to speak and act for ourselves, for what we know is right; as we struggle to find harmony among people and with the natural world, it is clear that we face great opposition. It’s up to all of us to challenge the dominant modes of competition, authority, and capital accumulation — together we can create a better world!

No matter your experience in organizing, you have a contribution to make; find like-minded people and multiply your efforts!

Take action on May 1st, 2012: for yourself, for your community, for the next generation!

Autonomous actions are effective and empowering. We hope you will make use of this site to publicize your activities and to promote solidarity through mutual aid and encouragement.



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