Call Out for Vancouver Mayday 2012

Greetings comrades!

On March 25th we called for an autonomous assembly, as a way to encourage economic disruption on and around May 1st, 2012. This was an attempt to locally respond to the call out for a North American General Strike from Occupy LA. There were a few people who came to the assembly with the intention of organizing in their own groups and circles, and who had a desire to co-ordinate efforts. Also out of that assembly came a desire for more specific actions and organizing.

It is with great pleasure that we present this early call out to be expanded on at a later date.

April 24th – Worker Solidarity Action

Details TBA

April 27th – 7pm Strathcona Community Centre (601 Keefer Street)

The second and final autonomous assembly before Mayday. A call out to rebels (Union and non-Union workers, parents, students, unemployed etc…) to self organize in your own groups of friends, coworkers, neighbors, classmates etc… to think for yourself how to best disrupt business as usual on and around Mayday 2012, and participate in this assembly.

May 1st – 12 noon, Vancouver Art Gallery (Georgia and Howe)

After the General Assembly.

Mobilize like cats not sheep!

Like all days, we would like this Mayday to be more than a walk down the street ending with a series of defeated sounding speakers.

Workers, Students, Unemployed – Break the chains!

This will be a rallying point for those who wish disrupt business as usual in the downtown core!

May 1st – 7pm China Creek Skate Park (Just west of Broadway and Clark)

Reclaim the Streets!

Join us for a street party, ending with music, movies, and a party in the park!

Cops, Capitalists, and Politicians are not welcome at any of these events…


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