Rocky Mountaineer Workers Locked Out for Second Season

VANCOUVER – The Rocky Mountaineer tourist train launched its 2012 season today –  complete with bagpipes, private security and a trainload of  scabs.

Rocky Mountaineer workers have been locked out for 10 months. Talks broke off between  management and the onboard attendants last July. The locked out workers and supporters were on hand this morning to picket the tourist train, although an injunction won by owner Peter Armstrong  forces them to “refrain from anything that may appear as an effort to impede, or intimidate” and that includes “glaring” at scab replacement workers. Private security video-taped the workers as they lined up at the station fence and called to tourists boarding the train. The company lined buses up to try to hide the view of protesters from the paying customers.

Although scabs are illegal in B.C., the train falls under federal jursidiction.


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