Upcoming event – Occupy Wall Street: Anarchism in Action

later this month, at Spartacus Books:

Marisa Holmes and Matt Presto, who have participated in Occupy Wall Street since its inception, will recount their experiences as anarchists in the movement. They will facilitate a conversation about the influence of anarchist principles, such as direct action, mutual aid, and voluntary association, on practices in OWS. Also, they will ask about the role of anarchism in the occupy movement moving forward.

Marisa Holmes is an anarchist activist and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY. She has organized with Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), No Games Chicago, Bibliotheque Popular, US Uncut, and, Occupy Wall Street. At Occupy Wall Street, she has been largely involved with structure, facilitation, and media. She is looking forward to building a global movement in response to the financial crisis.

Matt Presto is a schoolteacher in Brooklyn, NY. Prior to Occupy Wall Street, he was involved with NYC Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, Coalition to Stop Islamophobia, the G20 protests in Pittsburgh. He has worked with the tactical committee, safer spaces, and mutual aid at Occupy Wall Street.

Date: June 28 2012

Time: 7:30-10pm

Spot: 684 E Hastings St

Occupied Coast Salish Territory

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Couldn’t have said it better…

from Puget Sound Anarchists — 

Don’t Stop Now! 

Now that May Day has passed, it is more important than ever to KEEP GOING. One easy thing anarchists can do (which is particularly important now with the onslaught of slander against us) is to provide counter-information. There were a lot of really nice posters designed for the big day… why stop now? We can’t get overwhelmed by the media’s assault or let the fear of repression prevent us from acting. It is important that we exert some control over the May Day narrative by framing and telling the story ourselves. Some things have already been written, and this is great. But there are many, many other means of expression.

Lies are dropping like maggots from the mouths of our enemies. This is a precious moment when people are actually interested in thinking for more than three seconds about what anarchism is. It would be a shame to let this opportunity pass by…

Banner drops, posters, leaflet drops, disruptions, flash mobs, noise demos, paint-bombings, hand-to-hand flyering, tabling, informational events, outdoor film projections, graffiti: keep going! Be creative and experiment with something new.

Six ways to get ready for May Day

Instead of cross-posting ONYC’s Six Ways, we here at the VanMayday blog present our own version:

Six Ways to Prepare for May Day:

1. Decide to take action on May Day. You have the choice to act however you wish, despite the consequences — so evaluate your position, take stock of your personal power, and make a plan! This might include organizing a walkout at school or work, joining a demonstration, or making an individual statement either through subversive or overt mechanisms.

2. Spread the word. Use social media, posters, word of mouth, and other/more creative ways to encourage and embolden others to take action on May Day and beyond. Speak from your heart and get in it to win it!

3. Start or solidify your Affinity Group. Collect people you trust and share your plans for May Day with them. Work out whether you will do joint actions (flash mob? rally? picket? walkout?) or how you will support one another in individual ones (legal? medical? media?).

4. Prepare your Affinity group. Write handbills, make buttons, sew costumes, produce a video — whatever you need to do to pull off your intended action and to make sure people get the message. Got a callout for the general public? Email it to the blog at vanmayday2012@gmail.com.

5. Familiarize yourself with/Inoculate yourself against Media Spin. Watch videos of successful past May Day actions and  review the classic authoritarian “spin” that is used to put down social movements. Here’s a very timely example. 

6. Get a good night’s sleep, eat the healthiest food you can find, and drink lots of water.

See you in the streets!

May Day Hype from Guelph!

Comrades at the Peak have published great edition of their zine for MayDay, check it out!

Portland call-out video – It begins…

Hey you! Got any handbills?

If you’re promoting a radical event or idea in the region (Coast Salish & nearby territories/West Coast Turtle Island), please submit pdfs of your handbills so we can bulk up the posters/flyers section we are working on for this blog!

Submit to: to vanmayday2012@gmail.com 

Rocky Mountaineer Training Scabs Again!

Local profiteers at the Rocky Mountaineer (“the largest privately owned passenger rail service in North America”) are in the process of training this season’s fresh batch of scabs to work their luxury rail tours. After a successful push-out of the scabs from the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (helped by some CAW members who notified their local union and were supported in not crossing a picket line, despite reports that CAW members have been crossing the very same line at the Rocky Mountaineer company!), the company has relocated to the Fairmont Pacific Rim. 

A worker from RM has asked that supporters join them in their picket line:

April 17 2012 (and likely more dates to follow)


1038 Canada Place  Vancouver, BC